Work Force Management


  • Originally known as PowerFleet, 1st version developed by DCS in early 2000s
  • 2nd version developed by DCS and Mindsphere Technology Group in 2007 to add activity based management and EIC Biometric time clock
  • In 2010, DCS and Mindsphere Technology Group formed a partnership to:
    • Create a workforce management application
    • Redevelop the trip management application
    • Package the applications to form a PowerFleet solution for transportation
  • 3rd version implemented in June 2012
  • Our latest version initially implemented in October 2020
    • The application was migrated to HTML 5.0 under the Microsoft .NET Core 3.x framework
    • Our Employee Information Center, or EIC, timeclock application was migrated to be Windows based. A mobile solution based on the .NET MAUI framework is coming soon.
    • We created an "EIC on the Web" web based timeclock app including QR code clock in/out support for remote workers
    • The application is kept up to date following the .NET Long Term Support releases as well as enhancement requests from our end users.

High Level Data Interface Diagram
Data Interfaces for WFM

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